Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ABC countdown: L-S

So sorry I haven't been here for awhile. A couple of weeks ago I took a week off of school so we could go on a trip....to Hawaii!! My brother-in-law, who has been going to school there, graduated so we decided that going to Hawaii to see him graduate was a definite must! :) When we got home, there were only 2 weeks of school left and holy smokes, those 2 weeks have FLOWN by!

Here is the ABC countdown from L through S. The rest will be coming shortly! It's a little lacking in pictures since I was gone, so try to use your imagination :)

L: Ladybug Day
  • We read nonfiction books about ladybugs
  • We played a ladybug math game which you can find HERE
  • We made a class ladybug book to practice our doubles. You can find it HERE
M: Memory Day
  • We made our 1st grade memory books today
N: No Shoes Day
  • The kiddos got to take their shoes off during reading time today! 
O: Origami Day
  • The kiddos made some origami. Here is what they made... 

P: Pizza Day
  • My team and I challenged our kiddos to read 100 books in 20 days. They had a book log that they wrote the titles of their books on then brought them back to school every day so we could keep track of their books on this chart. 
  • We also wrote about what the best kind of pizza is. Click the picture below for a copy! 

Q: Quiz Show Game
  • We played a game to review things we had learned in 1st grade. 
R: Rainbow Day
  • This is one of my FAVORITE days during the ABC countdown. Unfortunately it happened to fall on one of the days I was in Hawaii....sad! But not really. I mean, I was in Hawaii...how sad could I really be?! Anywho, my kiddos did a fun rainbow to 10 worksheet  that you can find HERE. 
  • They also did a super cute ROY G. BIV craftivity you can find HERE
S: Space Day
  • We did some math problems with flying saucers. LOVE this activity! Go HERE to see it! 
  • We also talked about constellations and made "constellation words". I had them first write their word with pencil on a black piece of paper. Then using thumbtacks to poke holes, they made their word into a constellation. 

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