Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Rest of our ABC Countdown!

T: Thank You Day
  • We wrote and delivered thank you notes today to those who have helped us this year! 
U: Unusual Day
  • Unusual things happen in our classroom on unusual day! Some things in our room were turned upside down (i.e. our daily schedule), we lined up in backwards order all day, and we wrote speech bubbles for these unusual pictures...

V: Video Day
  • We watched a movie at school today!
W: Wool Day
  • I borrowed this awesome book from my fellow teammate. It talks about how they made clothes long ago, then you open up the flap and talks about how they are made now. My kids loved this book! 

  • We talked about the cotton plant and how cotton is used to make clothes. I showed them how to pull and twist cotton to make yarn. If you go HERE there is an instructional video and kits you can buy. We tried it with cotton balls, but it was pretty tough for my kiddos to do. Some of them were very persistant and others wanted to give up very quickly. A lot of them were having trouble pulling the cotton without breaking it, so I walked around and helped with that part then had them twist it. A lot of them didn't spin their cotton tight enough, so the bracelets didn't exactly look like the one in the video...but they didn't care! They love it! We also dyed them by soaking them in Kool-aid. They loved the bracelets so I would do this again...but I think next year I will purchase the kits to see if it's a little easier than the cotton balls. It was fun hearing the little conversations during/after the project. While they were spinning the cotton, one of my students said to his table "I can't believe we are wearing plants!" :)
X: eXceptional students
  • Today we passed out awards! I totally copied what Reagan does at  Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits because it's just so DANG CUTE! She gives them candy bar awards...LOVE...and has them walk down the red carpet (a.k.a red butcher paper). My kiddos thought it was awesome!
Y: Year-end Clearance
  • We cleaned our classroom today! 
Z: Zip and Zoom!
  • We zipped up our backpacks, played some Minute to Win It games, then zoomed home for summer break! The Minute to Win It games were hilarious! 
Game Instructions: fan the fish (made from tissue paper) across the room with a paper plate. 

Game Instructions: Put a little bit of vaseline on the end of your nose. Transfer the cotton balls from one plate to the other using only your nose. 

Game Instructions: Put a cookie on your forehead. You have to get the cookie to your mouth by scrunching your face muscles. 

We also played Duck Duck Goose (only we changed it to First Grader, First Grader, Second Grader") and watched our slideshow of 1st grade pictures!

It was such a fun day...a perfect way to end the year!


  1. Jackie! I've been having so much fun looking through your posts here! You have such great ideas and I know you are such a wonderful teacher! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Emily! I'm glad you enjoyed looking through my blog! I've been reading your blog and it looks like you are loving life and having so much fun being a mama! Your little gal is ADORABLE...SO happy for you!