Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ABC Countdown: D-K

...and the countdown continues!

D: Dino Day
  • We drew pet dinosaurs and wrote about them
  • My plastic dinosaurs decided to go sit on desks of those who were working quietly
  • Here are a couple of books we read...

E: Experiment Day
  • We got to do a fun experiment today! Click the picture below to see the instructions. 

F: Favorite Book Day
  • We got to bring our favorite books to school today. The kiddos loved doing buddy reading and sharing their books with each other! 

G: Game Day
  • We played some fun games today! Here is one of my's a place value game called Bullseye from What the Teacher Wants. Click HERE to go to the site for a free download! 

H: Hat Day:
  • We wore our favorite hats to school today! 
Insect Day:
  • We got to do some fun insect activities today! All of the activities I do come from Deanna Jump's Insect unit which you can find here. It is adorable and SO FUN! My kiddos LOVED doing the build-a-bug activity. 

Joke Day:
  • For joke day, we had Laffy Taffy for a snack. However...before they could eat theirs, they had to read their joke to the person sitting next to them :)

Kindness Day
  • For kindness day, we talked about things we can do that are kind. Then whoever showed kindness that day, got a little treat before they went home. I handed out 'hugs'...because hugs are kinds! ;)

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