Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where I've Been

I have been slacking a bit on keeping up on my blog. Okay, I have been slacking A LOT. But I have 2 really good excuses...

First...we bought a house!
It is our first house and we are loving it! It's so fun and so nice to be out of an apartment!
My second excuse..this sweet little baby boy!!

We had a beautiful baby boy on April 30th and we love him so so much!! I love being a mama.
Even though I haven't been the greatest at blogging, I still managed to add a few products to my TPT store. Not as many as I would have hoped though because, let's be honest, once I left school for the day all I could really think about was baby stuff and decorating our new house.
We had our last day of school this past Friday. Even though I was still on maternity leave, I went back to school to say my goodbyes. It was an especially sad last day of school because I will not be returning in the fall. I am taking a break from teaching to stay at home with my little one. Being a mom is THE BEST and there is no where else in the world I would rather be than with my son at home. I'm so very blessed and grateful that we have the financial means for me to stay home with him. But even so...goodbyes are hard. Teaching has been a huge part of my life for the last 6 years. I LOVE teaching and being in the classroom. I know I will miss it. I've also been with the same group of 1st grade teachers for the last 6 years and will miss them dearly. I know I'll still see them, but I won't see them every day. And that makes me so sad. I'm so lucky to have been able to teach at an amazing school with an amazing group of teachers. This was my BEST year of teaching...I had an AMAZING class and I got to teach half time and share my class with an extremely talented teacher that I learned so much from. It was the perfect way to end my time as a teacher.

Even though I won't be in the classroom, I still LOVE to create teacher products and would really like to continue to do so. I'm hoping to stay in close contact with my team so I can create products they (and others) are in need of. I'm planning on creating products while I raise this little guy...we'll see how it goes :) For the time being, all of my focus and energy is going into this baby boy and adjusting to being a mom until we get into some sort of routine.