Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I LOVE St. Patrick's Day in 1st grade! We always have a little Leprechaun that visits our classroom the entire week before St. Paddy's and leaves things for them. Our Leprechaun this year left these little notes for them...

I printed them off on gold paper. While we were out of the classroom (i.e. at specialty, recess, etc.) our Leprechaun would leave a little note with some rolos at their desk. You can click on the picture above to grab a copy!

We read this book...

And did this cute writing activity that you can find at The First Grade Parade. 

Every year we have our students make a Leprechaun trap and they bring it with them to school the day before St. Patrick's Day. That evening, Leprechauns visit our classroom and set their traps off.  I LOVE seeing their traps...they are so creative! 

We had a Leprechaun visit our classroom and left us a treasure hunt! 

He took us all over the school and eventually brought us back to our classroom where we found the treasure! He left us some Magic Leprechaun Powder (pistacchio pudding mix) and left us instructions for it. When we  mixed it with milk, it magically turned green! We ate our pudding with some E.L.Fudge cookies. We had lots of fun and the kids loved it!

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