Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easter Activities

Here are a few things we did to celebrate Easter...

We made crayon resistant Easter Eggs

We wrote our opinions of the best place to hide an easter egg!
Find the bunny page topper HERE 

We played a money egg game. They picked an egg out of the basket, counted the money inside and recorded the amount on their paper.

We played "How many am I hiding?" with eggs and smarties. 

Easter egg spin and graph found HERE

We made bunny ears! I always try to include something educational into our art projects. I had them write on their bunny ear headbands why they liked Easter.

During Easter time I like to teach my kiddos about oviparous animals. To start off, we read Chickens Aren't the Only Ones and made a big list of oviparous animals.
 Afterwards, each student made a page for our class book of oviparous animals. 

I have this awesome egg poster that I always show my kids...

We first look at the eggs and make predictions about what animal is in each egg. When you hold the poster up to the light, you can see a picture of an animal in each egg. 

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