Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching up...

 I am SUPER behind. Story of my life these days :)

I'm going to breeze through so I can hopefully get caught up to where we are at right now.

Deanna Jump has some AWESOME penguin stuff on her blog. We did this fun little relay game that I saw on her blog HERE. I split them up into teams...they had to carry their "egg" across the finish line and the rest of the kiddos kept track of team points on their paper using tally marks.

Now onto Valentine's Day...

Gift I gave to my can get the tag HERE for free

This is one of my favorite activities we did on Valentine's day. You can find it here at What the Teacher Wants

We have also started our Rocks unit for science. We read these books...

 We talked about different types of rocks and how we use them. We discussed the attributes of some are bumpy, smooth, big, small, different colors, etc. I had the kids observe different rocks and draw pictures of them in their rock books. 

 I have some freebies that I want to share with you all....but I am currently using a 'loan' computer right now. My computer had to be sent in so I could get a new computer cord so the freebies will have to wait. Cross your fingers that my next post will NOT be coming from this one! :)


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