Monday, February 25, 2013


One of my favorite units to do in January is our Penguin unit.

We read LOTS of non-fiction penguin books and wrote down what we learned. We also read a Scholastic News magazine about penguins.

I had my kids all make a penguin folder to keep all of their penguin stuff in. My kids were so excited when they would be able to put something else in their folder! This idea came from Erica Bohrer. You can download penguin cover printable on her blog HERE. 

Here are a few things we put inside...
Penguin digraph sort from The First Grade Parade

These next two things...I don't know where I got them from!! I found a couple of years ago on someone's blog....if you know where they came from PLEASE let me know so I can give them credit!

My kids LOVED reading the Tacky books. We did a Tacky the Penguin reader's theater and invited their parents to come see them perform. They were so excited and did such a SUPER cute job!! 

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    My students love learning about penguins. Your Penguin Facts book and craft are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    First Grade Schoolhouse