Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Turkey Time! Part 2

Alright, friends. Here are a few more Thanksgiving ideas for you all to stash away for next year!

Cara posted THIS idea on The First Grade Parade (LOVE her ideas!) and I decided it was a must! I gave my kids a suitcase and they made a list of what they would take on the Mayflower. Most gave pretty logical clothes, snacks, blankets, a DS, etc. But once in awhile a random answer would get thrown in there...

"My box of bug toys" and "a baby." HA! Love it.  

We read the book Pilgrims of Plymouth as well as our scholastic news magazine about pilgrims and made a big list of what we knew about pilgrims. 

Then we made these cute little pilgrims...
and wrote down what we had learned!

We also played a stick game I found HERE.

It is played with 3 popsicle sticks...1 with the symbol 'man' on it and 2 with the symbol 'snake' on it. They drop the popsicle sticks and determine how many rocks they get to take (we used beans instead). The player with the most rocks (beans) at the end of the game wins! If you click on the link, you will be able to download the game and get better more detailed instructions :)

Well, I really need to TRY to make myself fall asleep. Thanksgiving break really messed up my whole sleep schedule....totally worth it though!

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