Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clocks freebie

The first few hours of my day today have been quite the adventure.

I went into work today even though I had lost my voice due to a cold. I have super sweet kids, but I quickly realized that trying to teach 29 first graders with a whisper voice all day was NOT going to work. So I called for a sub.

While I'm waiting for a sub to arrive, one of my students throws up in my room...twice. I shuffled my kids into one of our extra classrooms and lo and behold, about 10 minutes later my aide tells me that one of my boys had dog poop on his shoe and smeared it on the carpet to try to get it off.

And who shows up while all of this is going on? My sub. She sees the janitor cleaning up the vomit on my floor. She hears my aide tell me there is now dog poop in the other room. And I'm sure she was thinking the exact same thing I was...."I should have stayed home today!" Ha! It's one of those mornings you just have to laugh at because it's so ridiculous :)

Anywho. I've got a little freebie to share with ya! I saw a similar activity online somewhere and tweaked it a little bit. My kids LOVED this activity! I told them they got to pretend they had their own TV station...and they had to decide what shows they wanted played on their station and what time the shows would be on. Click the picture below to grab it!

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