Sunday, November 11, 2012

End of October

Here are a few things we did during the last couple of weeks of October.

We read lots of nonfiction books about spiders and talked about non-fiction text features. 

 We also did this little spider craftivity. They were given an 8 die cut for the spider body, 8 legs and 2 googly eyes. They could arrange the legs however they wanted....the tradition 4 on each side, or 2 on one side, 6 on the other...etc. Then they wrote a number sentence below to match their picture.

We played a math game using bat rings and some cave picture cards. Student #1 puts some of their bat rings on the cave and holds the rest in their closed hand. On their paper, student #2 writes how many bats were in the cave, and how many are outside of the cave. Then student #1 shows opens their hand so their partner can see whether or not they were right.

We also read lots of nonfiction books about bats. We made a big list of bat facts and they got to write some facts on these bats they made...

We hung them upside down in the corner of the room and called it our "bat cave" haha. 

They also worked on their Halloween Activity Book. I put one of these together for every major's just a collection of themed review worksheets. They keep it in their desk and any time they get done with an assignment, they pull it out and work on it. Because they are always so excited to be able to work on their activity books, it has become a lifesaver in trying to deal with all of the extra energy during the holidays. They stay very engaged and quiet with these!

My kids LOVED using these eyeball pointers during reading time! I just hot glued a googly eye onto a popsicle stick. Easy!

Hope you all had a SPOOKtacular Halloween!

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