Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready or Not.....HERE THEY COME!!!!

Oh. My. Word. The 1st day of school is TOMORROW. I can't believe how quickly it crept up on me! 

We had our open house today and I got to meet all of my ADORABLE children! For the open house, I have the students do a scavenger hunt to find things around the classroom (their desk, their mailbox, etc.) The last thing on the scavenger hunt is to find their teacher (me!) and I give them this goodie bag...

Miss Kindergarten and A Teacher's Treasure teamed up and created these darling things! Click the picture above to take you to A Teacher's Treasure's site for a free download!

And now (drumroll, please!)....a little peek into my classroom!
Back of the room

View of the front

side of the room with book boxes

Hallway Windows

There you have it! Home, sweet.....classroom :) 

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