Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping Spree!

Target is a dangerous place for my wallet.

Why? Because every time I go there, I see something I just HAVE to buy! Usually a few somethings.

I took a little trip to the dollar spot at Target and then went to walmart and discovered they had all of their school stuff out.

Needless to say, I found LOTS of little treasures.....

  • Star student chair cover (target)
  • Owl welcome banner for the classroom....I've recently become addicted to owls. (walmart)
  • Adorable yellow/gray flowered pencil holder...going to use this for box tops (target)
  • blends/digraphs phonics cards (target)
  • Dry erase board writing tablets (target)
  • bag of star erasers...they get 1 when they are star student (target)
  • yellow/gray flowered mechanical pencils and pens (target)
  • cute teacher correcting pens (walmart)
  • owl sticky notes (walmart)
  • Reward stickers....and yes, there are owl ones! (walmart)
  • Name tags for 1st day of school (walmart)
VERY excited about my new finds!

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